San Francisco here I come


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Well, I will be going up to San Francisco for about four days starting tomorrow....Will be stopping by the Winchester House in San Jose tomorrow, then in to San Fran, Not sure what the wife and I will be doing, except we will be at the Dodgers/Giants game on Sunday....So any suggestions about what to see or do in San Fran and at the ballpark?

After San Francisco we will then be going to Pismo Beach for another few days before coming on home

BTW....This is my 9,999th post :D so, I will be making my 10,000th post and moving on up to the top of the Hall of Fame (Primus Level) when I get back

anyways....please any suggestions on San Francisco is gladly apprectiated, this is only our second time there....Will be staying in the Fishermans Wharf area, but plan on venturing out for sure.



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If I were there, I'd have to check out the Exploratorium. I've heard so much about it, I really want to visit.

And any chance you can snag an extra set of cards (or just an extra copy of the Meulens)? mrhaverkamp is going to do his best to track one down for me, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to have a backup, just in case.


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If you are in San jose very long check out All American Sports Cards. They have a good selection of items, a lot of photos, a lot of singles, and a great and friendly staff. Defininitely my favorite shop. And the prices are very reasonable


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Take a tour of Alcatraz or just a Bay Cruise if you can, going up the Embarcaderro from PacBell Park just a couple of miles will get you to Fisherman's Wharf (a nice attraction in itself) and either there or neighboring tourist trap Pier 39 will have tour boats.


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Enjoy San Francisco, especially all Embarcadero Drive, market Street and cross the bridge and go to Sausalito, I love San Francisco. Any place is a pleasure place.


David K.

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Might want to see whats shows are currently showing in San Francisco! I saw "Wicked" and it was great! Walking along the piers and taking in the nice cool sea breeze!! If you have time...might want to vist the De Young muslium or vist China Town.....Theses a Disney Muslium that open up in San Francisco about six months ago (its more about Mr Disney and his family)...which will be on my list of things to do this Labor Day! Best regards, David PS Hoosierbuddy is about 4 posts away from his Primus HOF Level!