Sandy Koufax Signs for Topps 2011 Baseball Lineup!

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Jul 22, 2005
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Topps is pleased to announce that Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax will be signing for its 2011 product lineup.

The first 2011 products to find Koufax’s autograph will be:

· 2011 Topps Baseball Series 1: With the addition of Koufax to the special 60th Anniversary Autographs and with Series 1 already being one of the most anticipated releases in years…There is much reason to celebrate Topps Diamond Anniversary!

· 2011 Topps Heritage: Koufax is signing for the highly collectible “Real One Autographs”. Image attached.

· 2011 Topps Tribute: With an enhanced checklist, the addition of Koufax Autographed Relic Cards and April release date, Tribute will be one of the most anticipated products of the year.

The deal was negotiated by Sandy’s longtime agent Harlan J. Werner of Sports Placement Service, Inc.
cool maybe i can pull one of them when i buy a case or two, but its still sad that Topps is the only player in the Baseball card game. that really detracts from the product to me.
Well, it might bring down some prices on his current signed cards out there. Although, I haven't seen his sig lately, is it still nice? I am a big Musial fan, but the 2010 stuff is getting pretty bad. But then again, Stan is 90.
An affordable 1956 Topps signed Koufax...nope, not even if he signs 1000s.

He is the only living Dodger from that set I still need. I don't see the prices dropping for any of his signatures. The demand is too high and Topps most likely isn't going to flood the market enough to water them down.