Sat. 9/4.....2 Ttm & 1 Ip

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Feb 19, 2009
We Went To See Phillies Relief Pitcher Ryan Madson This Afternoon He Was Signing At "gerhards" Appliance Store We Got 3 Cards, 2 Photos And A Ball. He Was A Great Guy In Person, Taking Time And Talking To The Kids.

The Ttm For Today Are:

Terry Kennedy 3/3
Kevin Saucier 2/2

Thanks For Looking.
Congrats on the successes and time spent with the pitcher. It is always nice when they take time to spend with their fans.
The Terry Kennedy took about 5 weeks, I sent it out 7/26 to Portland Beavers. The postmark on the envelope was Reno, NV, so he must be signing on the road.
cool successes....I coached Ryan back when he was a kid in Moreno Valley for one season....He was a teammate and good friends with my cousin back then