seeing Red with a tri-fecta of Loney PC pickups

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Sep 16, 2008
Mooresville, IN
ok, so I got a trio of Loney cards in today.

the first I'm seeing red as in :mad: :mad: :mad:

First week of July I bought a 2009 Upper Deck X Memorabilia card of Loney. Came in the mail in a pwe which I knew never turns out good. The card was of course damaged and I notified the seller.

FIRST CARD (scan really doesn't show but there is a big dent/crease all around swatch):


He was pretty nice about it and refunded me in full with letting me keep the damaged card. So last week I found another on ebay ending soon and scooped it up....Lo and behold it came in the mail today in a pwe :mad: :mad: of course the card was damaged and I have a message already sent to the seller...

TODAY's CARD (on the close up, Loney's looking like "WHAT?! you put me in a plain white envelope?!):



The other two are red as in red parallels.



these two push my Loney collection over the 30% mark :D

181/597 = 30.32% of all Beckett recognized cards - including 1/1s

Thanks for viewing and as always Happy Collecting!
I had some stupid sellers on Ebay as well, I got a couple GU cards that were damaged. One was in a PWE and was creased...not bad, but thats not the point. The second the guy said it was creased but it was in fine print and I didn't realize it until the card came. People like that really get on my nerves. But the last two look awesome! :D
i dont understand why some sellers send GU in PWE.. and if they do that why dont they pay the extra 20 cents to have it nonmachined... but congrats on the pick ups!!!
Good going pal. Beckett is not alway correct on those.
I am building a set they missed 5 cards from it. So that might be close
not quite accurate pal.