Selling on Ebay


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Okay so I have decided to put some of my bobble heads, etc up on Ebay for sale to see if I can get some extra money for cards that I do you put things on the website that you wanna sell? I looked at it a little bit, but have no clue where to start.

Also, when someone pays for something does it go into your bank account or onto a separate card or something?

Any help would be appreciated!



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When someone pays you it goes into whatever account they paid you on. Like if they pay with paypal it goes into your paypal account. Other than thatI've got two pieces of advise......

1) Do your research so you know what stuff sells for so you're not wasting your money on listing fees for overpriced items.

2) Since you've never sold there, spend some time reading the faq's so you feel somewhat comfortable, then list something. After that you'll learn VERY quickly.