Shane Bieber


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Shane Bieber ties live ball era record with 27 K's in first two starts of the season combined. Early Cy Young candidate.

David K.

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Nice accomplishment. Best regards, David PS don't say he pitches for the Indians and the second part was against the Twins? NO.....


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Impressive start for sure for Bieber, happy I still have this one:

1st Gold Ref Shane Bieber


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I heard that watching a game. It's a big accomplishment for a young player. I think they said he tied with Nolan Ryan.

Actually the player he tied the record of was a little known player named Karl Spooner who grew up in the region I live in. He grew up in tiny (actually tinier now then when he lived there)Oriskany Falls, NY which is about 40 minutes from Cooperstown..

In the 1980s I always used to get asked for Karl Spooner cards. I had no idea why since he was well before my time, until I looked him up and was shocked to see that a former Brooklyn Dodgers phenom grew up in such a timy upstate NY town. Here is an article written about him on after Bieber tied his record.
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So far, the shining light of my fantasy season!!!

Nice Bowman cards...but no mention of his Justin Bieber Topps UER card - that just hurts!


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I have 9 of his 18 Update RC's there selling on Ebay for an avg price of $8.00 of course Beckett hasn't updated his RC value I'm thinking it will go from $1.50 to $5.00 but will see


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Bieber 18 Update RC BV from $1.25 now $8
Bieber 18 Chrome Update RC BV from $2 now $12

He's already won the Cy Young at this point. Should be considered for MVP also.