Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

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RIP - the incomparable Jim Brown - averaged over 100 ypg for his career !
The 1964 Philadelphia Cleveland Browns cards are one of the quirkiest vintage cards of all time which is saying something. The background of cars parked on the street ifs a hoot. I don't know if they actually took photos of the Browns in the street or the background was added to their photos. Off the top of my head all the other teams in the 1964 Philadelphia set are photographed with natural backgrounds except for the Browns.

Jim Brown is the only person I have ever stood in line and paid to get an autograph which happened at an Albany, NY card show in 1996. He really liked the photo I had him sign which was an action shot of him wearing a Brown's helmet with the #32 on the side. That must have been from really early in his career becuase I've never seen that numbered helmet design before. . He had huge, rugged looking hands. Let's just say if he ever got ahold of you with those bad boys you were not going anywhere! LOL

Nice card BTW! RIP Mr. Brown.
Nice! I've always viewed the cards from 1974 through 1980 as undervalued. It looks like they finally rose in value over the last few years thankfully. Really nice centering on the one on the left which is no easy feat given Topps centering problems back then.!
Yes, I was happy with the finding of the one on the left. The one on the right was a throw in bonus.
I have finished the 5 card set of 2011 Topps Heritage NSCC Rookie set. This is more commonly known as 2011 Topps Heritage National Convention. Here are the final 2 cards that I acquired last week. The are #/299 and 1 was given out each day of the convention.

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I know those sets can be tough...........Picked up some GQ mini's from 2016 that were passed out there and it took me awhile to get them at the right price.........
Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Those Nabisco Sugar Daddy cards were really, really cool. I actually had to look up if they were called Nabisco or Sugar Daddy. Turns out they are listed under Nabisco Sugar Daddy sop I was going to be correct no matter which term I used. I definately remember getting those in those Sugar Daddy "lollypops'" and you had to remove them very carefully in hot weather because those Sugar Daddys would get really sticky in the heat.

I was surprised to see those were put out in 1975 and an earlier plain colored background set put out in 1974. I thought they were a couple of years prior but I was mistaken. I never did attempt to complete either set because you only rarely come across them. I picked up a handfull of these last Fall and now I'm curious to see if I have that Olsen which does not look familiar.

Very cool card/sticker/insert for sure!