Snail Mail


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Today I receive an envelope and it has two cards that don't match up with anything I am currently trading for. Thinking that a trader sent me the wrong cards, I check the trade manager, but the name doesn't match up with anyone I am trading with.

Taking a closer look at the envelope, I see that it is postmarked November 2, 2009.

In November, I made a minor trade for a couple of Topps inserts. I waited most of the month and they never arrived.

I had no reason to think that the trader didn't send them, so I never did anything about it. I later acquired the two cards in other trades.

This gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase snail mail.


David K.

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Beat my record!! Mailed the cards out to another member....4 weeks later....He got them and the postage date provided that it was mailed out in a timely manner! Best regards, David


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I have a trade thats posted right now that has been almost a month and I still haven't recieved my end of it, but he has told me his cards made it to him. I dunno if I should get a MOD involved to take care of it or what...


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Beats my record too. I once had a buy from ebay take about 40 days to get to me. The guy refunded my money and then was pleasantly surprised when I sent payment to him again since the cards showed up.


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Trust Me I Know, I Have Friends Who Work For The Post Office Who Tell Me They Hide The Mail In Trailers And Transport Them From Parking Lot To Parking Lot So They Can Claim The Mail Volume Is Down And Raise All The Postage Rates. Any Horror Stories That I Hear From Shipping Items Through The Mail Does Not Faze Me.
Good Luck To All.