so far this week -- kidd, go-away & Puckett


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Two returns this week and a first for my Puckett collection:

First return was Jason Kidd, signed 1/2 in black sharpie. out 11/20, back 1/11. Second time he has signed for me, so thanks to Jason!

Second return was Joey Galloway. Long since a burden to anyone who drafts him in our fantasy football leagues. Out 12/28, back 1/11. This one will be framed and handed out to the last place finisher in our league every year! Sorry to do it to you Joey, but what better way to taunt than with a year round reminder!

And finally -- stopped at a card shop on my way home from a business trip yesterday and was able to pick up my first certified card auto of Kirby Puckett. Had to start somewhere, otherwise no chance at Super Collector Status!!