so...kinda sad


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well my oldest kid who is 18 has decided like all 18 year olds that she knows everything and has decided to move back in with her mom...who pretty much abandoned her 9 or 10 years ago and left her for me to raise...shes got one more year of high school left and i tried to talk her in to staying around here and finishing up school then going to 2 years of college before she went on to other things...but shes gone.

so...just kinda sad as to how things worked out...kinda feel a bit betrayed...sorry to vent.


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That's tough man but a pretty normal response for a young adult. They may act like they are seeing if "the grass is greener" but usually it's to resolve feelings of abandonment, even if they don't fully realize it yet. Odds are she may be back with you sooner than you expect it once things become more clear to her.

Tim Carroll

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Man, that's got to be tough. I think what was said above sums up how I feel. I'm no Dr. Phil, but I can see where a youngster would want to see what the "think" they have missed over the last few years - especially those pivotal teenage years. Probably the best thing you could do right now would be: grit your teeth and be supportive. You have been her rock growing up, and when she gets her feelings hurt again (her expectations will not be met), she will appreciate you even more. She's probably not doing this to spite/betray you, so it might be best not to let he know exactly how you feel. She's young and nieve (as we all were). She needs to know that you are there for her regardless. It will make for a stronger relationship!


David K.

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Agree with the other guys...She probably wants to see what her mom's like and spend time with her.....but also have that open door for her...just in case. Best regards, David


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I agree, she probably just wants to know her Mom. Doesn't make you feel good, but you did your job, she will only resent you if you try and hold her back.

My Dad left us when I was 12. I always wanted to know him better, so when I entered college, I started spending more time with him. It was good to learn about my Dad and be around him more, but I never for one second forgot the love and sacrifice my Mom gave during those teenage years. Bottom line, the years you were there for her can never be replaced. Whether she ever tells you, your daughter knows that as well.

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Wow, no offense but sounds irresponsible. I'm sure shes just young and wants to try things for herself though. It'll all pan out.


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Be there for her as much as you can. Obviously, I can't speak to your relationship with your daughter, but when my younger sister -- then 17 -- chose to live with my mom when my parents got divorced, my mom never really forgave her, even though there were a lot of factors at play that made it a no-brainer of a choice.