Some praise for select ebay sellers


5.00 star(s)
It's easy to be negative and it is certainly not uncommon to run into a bad experience on ebay. However, it's nice to celebrate the positive as well. I have a small group of sellers who I have grown to trust and enjoy buying from repeatedly. Sometimes a newbie impresses me, even if there will be no reason to buy from again. I have selected those sellers because they know how to sell.

I thought I would express my gratitude, in general, to these and other sellers I may not have run into yet who take the time to put together a nice product description. This is critical on high dollar items but especially nice on the lower dollar items, which shows these sellers really do care.

My specific praise is with those sellers who either scan the back of a card or list the serial numbers. Maybe a majority of the people have not figured out the big secret that some of us out there actually collect certain serial numbers! I mean how hard is it to type "Billy Butterworth 2008 SPX Rookie Rollout jersey card #2/100" vs. "Billy Butterworth 2008 SPX Rookie Rollout jersey card #'d/100". OK, one more character is used in this case and maybe there is no spare character, but it doesn't even have to be in the title, it can be in the description too people!!!

Bravo to those who list them (serial numbers) so that I don't have to send an email asking what it is! I'm about done asking, so my business may be lost over the inability to provide basic information...their loss, not mine.