members please help!!!

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Apr 18, 2006
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naugatuck CT
i was registed there for a short time but asked that i be unregistered because in my short time there all that happened was unsolicited pms by people begging me to trade but not expressing any interest in anything then dissapearing after wasting my time. long story short my account is unregistered there now but i forgot i made 1 sale there. i sold a miguel cabrera auto for 14 dollars which the cash arrived today but the buyer didnt put a return address on the envelope. it just says its from minneapolis so if any members of sports card freaks could help me out i would like to get this member his card. if anyone knows who this is please give him my email address(802nc[email protected]) or pm me his address so i can complete the sale.
thank you very much. i had my issues on that site(with the members i tried to deal with mostly) so i requested to be unregisted but the very last thing i want to do is screw someone over. my user name there was the same as it is here if that helps you.
PM sent to the buyer his id is pdilly1308 asked him to email you
thanks for the help guys. as i said i didnt want my issues with the site leading to me screwing someone over on accident. i got his address from blueted and his card is going out either tommorow or saturday.