Spring Training straggler and one other 2014 Topps


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Thought I was done getting ST send off back, until this arrived today.

That puts me at just 7/34 for my spring stuff, pretty disappointing over all. That works about to about $5 per auto, seems a bit high to me but the alternative is not getting them at all. It must be worth the risk if I keep doing it.

For every one I over pay for I get something like this. A friend from a different site, who lives in Tacoma, got this for me. Net cost to me? Two stamps and two envelopes, not to shabby considering Guit never touches his mail anymore.


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Nice returns~ST Auto's have been disappointing for me also sent out 30 and got 6 back so far but not giving up hopefully more come rolling in


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WOW cool cards....ST is never the best anymore for anyone it seems like, but I have seen several posts on here recently about people getting ST returns from previous seasons, so hopefully yours will come home soon!

Any news on a job??