ST another 7 on 3/11 UPDATE

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Nov 4, 2009
My nephew and I came back from the batting cages and to his delight these mlb guys sent him some more cards. he's starting to think it has something to do with him registering on but he's not certain :)..nothing earth shattering as these 7 are pretty reliable but it's still nice to get them back so quickly

Jason Marquis 2/2
Brad Ziegler 2/2
Kevin Mench 4/4 personalized
Chone Figgins 2/2 (damn im gonna hate watching him and Ichrio on the basepaths)

Jon Garland 2/2
Matt Stairs 1/2 kept one
David Aardsma 2/2

thanks for reading!!hoping fri sat & mon are all big hitters too!!!

I just got this today and figured i would put it here rather than start a new thread......Let's just say Billy Sample is a badass...he signed these cards and mailed to my nephew; but he uses my return address and sends his own letter with a personally signed 8x10 to my house. thanks man!!my first auto in years to keep! :)

Billy Sample 8/7 (some are FT if anyone is interested)
Milton Bradley 2/2
Sergio Romo 2/2