Strasburg’s Topps Heritage Card Exclusive To The National

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Jul 22, 2005
Collectors opening 10 packs of 2010 Topps/Bowman branded baseball cards (except Topps Attax, Topps Opening Day and the .99 cent Topps Cello Pack) at the Topps booth will receive Stephen Strasburg’s 2010 Topps Heritage card (# NCC1). The card, which will be sequentially numbered to 999, will be available in designated quantities and at designated times from Wednesday, August 4th to Sunday August 8th. The card will be limited to one copy per person per day.

In addition, Topps will be giving away free codes to collectors visiting the booth that unlock actual Topps baseball cards on the Topps Million Card Giveaway site The codes will be limited to one per person per day.

I wonder what the difference between this card and the one that will wind up in the High Series will be other than the card # and the serial #?
I will wait til his career fizzles like Brian Taylor back in the 90's and then pick it up for $1 :)
The smart money is on those waiting. Name a single pitcher who started hot and didn't cool down temporarily if not for good once his career got going.

All the greats either got going slowly or had cold periods in their careers, even the likes of Maddux, Ryan, Clemens, etc.
mrmopar - he also has the "inverted W" motion when pitching.. Leads to a lot of injuries.. off the top of my head Prior had the same kind of deal..

When you spread your arms apart the two elbows go straight in the air and form an upside down W.. Puts a lot of stress of elbows