Team bags for magnetic cases????


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Hey guys, recently purchased 70+ magnetic cases and was looking for team bags to put over them. I know they exist because I have a few over my better cards, but have no idea where to purchase them. If anyone has any for sale or knows a good site to get them from, please lmk ASAP. Thanks!

- Eric


I have hundreds if not a thousand + Hamilton's in Magnetics and I use "BCW" team bags, they cover perfectly! Even the big 180 point magnetics. They are the "Team Set Bags" and the UPC code is: 2262690290 but you should have no problem finding them on ebay. They have a 1" resealable flap.

Just an FYI, make sure you use the UV "gold magnet" protective case to protect your cards. If you are unsure if it is UV protectant you can run a simple black light over the magnetic case and if you get any glowing white from the card (or a small piece of white paper) it isn't UV protective.

Hope this helps!

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