Tell me this would not be fun to go though!

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WOW! Take a good look people......., this could potentially be our kids or grandkids selling our cards 40 years from now.
I'm sure it would be a ton of junk. Many over produced cards from the 90's the stuff that I tend to just throw away
Holy cow batman!

I would probably open a box, look at the first 10 cards then close the box and move on to the next. WOW THAT'S ALOT OF CARDS!!!
I wonder where he got them from. Is he going to include the cards that are scattered all over the floor??:D :D :D I would be out of a home for something like that also.
Wow! That is quite a collection. I bet you could take all those cards and open up your own store!

I can't imagine having a collection of that size. I have around 10K-12K cards total and I think that is even too much. Right now, I am looking to downsize and get rid of the extra stuff/supplies in flat rate boxes.
For that price I would take the risk of of it all being 99% junk. But I don't think he would drive it here to Canada. It would be great for TTM autograph.
It would cost you $2 million Canadian to TTM all of those lol.

I don't think so, only about $700,000 if i send 4 to each player :D

Lets see. Stamps: $1.03 to send, 88 cents to put on the return (with exchange rate). Envelopes: sending 3.5 cents, return 6 cents. Paper: 2 cents. So $2.03 per request.
Very unlikely to be worth the BIN price. If this was an untouched collection, then there is a chance. Odds are this is a collection of junk collections. You could offer me 1000s of collectors choice stars and I would probably not cross a busy street to pick them up for free!
Does anybody live near this guy?

I'm thinking that, although 90% of it's probably garbage, there could be some cool cards in a few of the boxes.

Maybe we could pool some cash to make a a low ball offer. I would chip in $10-15 for a benchie to go through some boxes for my teams.:D