Tells us the longest time it took for one trade?

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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
I know this is going to be fun. I am going to say it took me close to five weeks to pull off one trade. At one point I didn't he think the other part was interested any more. And I am not talking a highend card here either. I know crazy so much back and forth blah blah. And of course life does get in the way. But I want to read some of these funny and even weird stories.
Have fun and give some funny details.
I've had the worst luck with trades, which is why I only do it now with people at reputable boards where there's actually some accountability-- places such as this, for example.

Had one trade a few years back that took me about four months to complete, including me threatening to file a mail fraud complaint on the kid...

I was trading him four signed cards of mine for two of his. In early August, just after I sent my two, he told me he could 50/50 the Marlins and Giants, so I sent him a bunch of stuff for them. A month later, I still don't have my cards from the original trade. He says he was busy and would get them out in the following week. I asked him about the 50/50 and he said he gave the cards to his cousin to get done and now his cousin wouldn't give them back.

So at that point, I was out about 70 cards and four signed ones. In mid September, I asked again where my cards were, and he said he sent them "a long time ago." Two weeks later I ask him again and he says he sent them "a week ago." So I called him out on it and said if he didn't get my cards to me within two weeks, I'd file a mail fraud complaint with the USPS.

A month passes-- we're at the end of October now. Nothing. I ask him where my cards are. He says-- third different response to that question-- that he would be sending them out in the following week. I tell him I'm filing a mail fraud complaint as we speak. I wasn't, but I figured I'd see what would happen.

He called my bluff and a week later I had the two signed cards waiting in the mailbox with a note trying to apologize profusely. I later learned he had ripped off several other people on 50/50 deals and trades. So if a Josh Bloom from Boca Raton, FL tries to trade with you, RUN-- DO NOT WALK-- in the opposite direction.

Never got my 50/50 stuff back, but whatever.
I had one trade here that took nealry 1 year to receive. The trader made excuses for several weeks and then finally disappeared from the site for about 6 months if I remember correctly. I was able to find a phone number and call and leave a voice message, but still nothing. A few months later, the trader reappeared on the site, promised to send my cards and then disappeared again after a day or two. I filed a trade gone bad, the member was eventually banned/suspended and I figured I had lost this one for good.

Nearly a year after the trade was started, a package arrived without any warning. No correspondence, no apology, no explanation, just the cards I was owed. At least I got the cards!