TGIF - 2 in 7-16-10

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Sep 16, 2008
Mooresville, IN
first a set hit from Art Howe
c/o address in The Bench's ttm addresses database



next a return from Ron Kittle
c/o address in The Bench's ttm addresses database
I sent an 84 Topps for my set and even include the line in my letter saying I am working on a set of signed 1984 Topps. He signed the 90 UD and sent the 84 Topps back unsigned. Anyone on here willing to send the 84 Topps for me if I sent it to you. I could give you the 90 UD if you are successful...


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congrats on the returns!!! for some reason ron will not sign that card. he returned my 84T unsigned to when i sent to him.. but he runs indiana sports charities you could contact him on his website and ask if you make a donation to the charitie if he would sign the card...
From Ron himself (via facebook), a $25 donation to Indiana Sports Charity will get that card signed. If you hear anything less, let me know! Not that I am not charitable, but $25 for Kittle!:eek:
I have been looking for one myself on and off for the last couple of years. I had not seen that one yet, but I don't like the look either.

I saw one a few months ago that was a BIN for $25, so I figured if I got one for that price, it was going to come directly from Ron. I was hoping someone had bought one long ago and would have sold the collection or something like that and find one starting at a buck, but so far no good!

I suspect if one were to list that was cheap and real, there would be some fighting over it.

thanks everyone...
went searching on ebay and found this one. think it's real? it doesn't really compare to the sig i got ttm