Thank you. Made it to the hall of fame


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I would like to take a moment to let everyone here know that I appreciate all of the comradery around here. When I joined this site a year ago, it was because I really missed sitting down with my collection and two or three other guys and their collections at a hobby shop and doing some trading. I wanted that fun back.

I took a break from collecting for the better part of a decade, and when I came back, seemingly no one was around to trade. I slowly got back into collecting, and it didn't dawn on me for over a year that internet trading existed.

You have no idea how thrilled I am with all of my experiences here - trading, viewing other's collections, entering a card or two in the Benchies, sending in an autograph to be part of a fantasy league, chatting about sports and learning about the hobby that I love.

I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate the structure and safety of this site (148 trades - never been burned).

My collection has grown faster and wider than I imagined when I made my first trade in July 2008. The headway I've made in my Ultimate Topps Cubs Team Set (see stats in sig) still boggles my mind. A good chunk of what is in there had previous homes in this last year. How cool is that?

Long post short, THANK YOU!


P.S. - On the day I qualify for the H.O.F., I make a trade with XZYXZY - whom I've only traded with once before... Online trade no. 1. :cool:


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Congrats & you are one of the people who make this site great!!
Looking forward to more trades with you in the future!
Go Cubs!


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Way to go Casey!:)

I've enjoyed a lot of your posts and I believe I also once won some Pujols cards from you because I read a box break of yours:p

Shoot me a PM if you need this card--

Maddux 2004 Topps Traded Gold Maddux #T45