The English Connection the story!!!

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Jun 24, 2003
Wallasey England
A few months ago my good friend Roger Erwin (aka erdoro) and i decided to complete a project together.

We decided to do something that linked us together. Since we both love baseball we came up with the idea to get autos of english born players who were still alive

There are 7 in total and we quickly took 4 of the list

Danny Cox
Tom Worrell
Phil Stockman
Lance Painter

This left us with Keith Lampard, Les Rohr and Paul Marak

Not easy to find but we soon elimated Keith Lampard due to a contact i had on ebay

Roger then decided to take Mr Marak on and in a month we had he signature secured due to a contact Roger had negoiated with

So to Mr Rohr who only had one card 1968 Topps RC. We managed to track him down to Montana where he resides. We contacted his local paper and tried to email Mr Rohr but no answer and the card disappeared.

We gave it up for a few months till we decided to do it again. This time we found the local sports writer in his town who promised to help via email. We sent off another topps RC card and in a couple of days it came back with the signature we needed

Below is a small blow up fo the collage we have created

Wow that is really cool! I love hearing stories of "niche" collections/projects like this. Even if Beckett might consider such players to be "commons," they are meaningful to us and that's what matters.

Les Rohr does have one other card:
1991 Mets WIZ #333 Les Rohr

I think the 1968 Topps RC would be easier to find though. :)
He does and we nearly went with that one as i have a copy but we didnt use it.

He could of been a big player had he not blown his arm

I was about to mail my only Wiz card of him to this address....


Now, after reading your post, i'm unsure if I should send it
Ian, I was wondering how you guys were doing with this. Congrats on those cool successes! I am a biut envious about the Lampard. I need him, as well. He's been a tough one to track down. He only had one home run in the majors, and it was the first walk off pinch hit home run in Astros history. It came against the Reds in September 1969 during the 'stros first pennant run. They fell short, but I remember his home run quite well. I heard HOFer Gene Elston call that game on 950 KPRC back in the day.
Jim great story and nice ot hear from you. Bit before my time lol. I only managed to get his auto in biro and not sharpie. Shame but at least i got it

As for Les Rohr it took a long long time and numerous emails but he personally signed

Not sure on our next project but keep tuned in