The giants are in!


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HOW ABOUT THAT! Living in the south bay we have the added luxury of having two teams to cheer on... technically I am an A's fan. I find it strange how that team, having the best record in the middle of the season sank below and trailed the Angels as it came down to the wire. Meanwhile in the National League the Giants fighting to stay in it with the Dodgers playing so well qualify for a wild card spot and, quoting Howard Cosell, go... all..... the..... way! I have to say congratulations to the Royals and man they sure look great.....


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I generally pull for the Giants but this year my "under-dog" persona may come out and actually pull for the Royals, but they are so hot it may be a stretch to call them underdogs.

David K.

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Congrats to the Giants...should be a tight world series...who ever gets in front early should win the game.....should go 7 games and I'll take the giants. Best regards, David