The Good, The Bat and The Ugly


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Nah, not Clint Eastwood, although that would be pretty cool.

Don't send much out anymore, so successes are very rare. But did get one back, plus some stuff IP at a Harrisburg Senators game over the summer.


From the LPGA - Karrie Webb (multiple major winner):

IP at the Senators Game - 2B Adrian Sanchez. My sons first ever autograph that he asked for.

IP at the Senators Game - it was Dallas Cowboys cheerleader night, so stood in line to get a couple of the young ladies to sign.


The bonus at the game - one of the ushers stopped us on the way to our seats and asked where we were sitting - showed him the tickets and he told us to make sure we were there after the bottom of the 1st inning - he said he had a surprise for my son (that sounds a lot creepier than it actually was). So you know the story, you tell a kid a surpise is coming and until that surprise arrives, nothing but the following two questions were heard for the better part of 30 minutes:
1 - what is the surprise
2 - when will it be here

So after the bottom of the first, the usher reappears with a bat and hands it to my son and says you are lucky one today. Dave Adams (up with the Yankees for a while) had cracked a bat during BP and gave it to the usher to give to a kid. My son now thinks that pine tar is the GREATEST thing in the world, as everything stuck to his fingers for the rest of the night.


Got a return from Cristie Kerr (LPGA) - she was kind enough to sign three cards, but didn't take them out of the plastic sleeves to do so. It was a smeared mess on the outside of the sleeves. At least the cards were still in perfect shape to resend at some point.

Thanks for looking.