The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


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Tonight is going to be family movie night. I rented The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus for me, my wife and 8 year old son to watch. Has anyone seen this yet? If so, is it any good?


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My wife and I watched it and had mixed feelings. The character switching threw us off a bit, but that was unavoidable after Ledger's untimely passing. If you like Brazil (The 80's Gilliam movie) you'll like this one, just not as much. All in all it's an entertaining flick with some pretty cool visuals.


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I'm gonna check this out sometime. I heard the reviews were so-so, but Heath Ledger was great in it. Either way, it's Ledger's final film, so might as well check it out.


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Honestly, it was absolutely crazy, as it should have been.

Ledger's acting was fantastic and Dr. Parnassus played an amazing English drunkard.

I recommend it, but have an open mind and enjoy it for what it is -- a movie.