"The King" in on 7/10

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Nov 22, 2008
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Brainerd, MN
c/o Petty Enterprises

Took exactly one month, I sent it out on 6/10. Great piece to the Nascar collection and a great signer for no charge.

awesome success!
and it's from a real King too...unlike someone who's been in the sports news way too much recently
Thanks Tankp and mindbinge, He is the best driver to lead that category too, not bigheaded like some of them are now, great guy.
yeah...the way they are doing the whole chase thing now and who knows in the future, someone might win 7 championships...but no one will ever hit 200 wins....look at Jeff Gorodon and the success he has had over the years, hall of fame career for sure...not even close to half way.
Yeah, I hope the 7 championships aren't passed either but it seems more likely but 200 wins, very doubtful.

Rangersfan- Richard seems to take around a month, maybe a little longer but then again I have only done around 15-20 TTMs in my life, lol. I hope to start at it again, though, and add to my Twins auto collection, have three out there right now that I sent the same day.
Hi Curtis,
Congratulations. He is always a great signer.
Thanks, Jeff!

By the way, I had a busy day today and wasn't able to send the cards out, they'll be out tomorrow along with an extra.