Think I found another fake Pujols auto!

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Smartest thing to do is to stay away from all 2006 Bowman Originals. Pujols has had I bet 500 1/1 in the last 6 months. Those originals have got to be the most faked cards out there. Best thing that happens, is the no-names get bought so the scammers can use the cases for their fakes.
As fake as Pamela Anderson's funbags. Notice how it says Bowman Originals and they use a Topps card? I wouldn't trust ANY of those "Originals" cards.
There's this guy locally who I believe is making all these. It looks like he trades/sells them at the local shows around here as I'm seeing many of the dealers listing them. He's very funny and very charismatic and probably talks these dealers into thinking they're getting good deals. I've also heard he once had half of his bgs raw card reviews rejected due to altering.
there was a guy at some of the los angeles shows years ago (wonder if this is the same clown) who said he had "access" to major league locker rooms. i was young and naive (possibly because this guy talked a good talk) a big red flag should of been (looking back at it now) bonds, frank thomas cal ripken jr, ken griffey jr autos for $10 each) turns out looking at them now, they were all fake! i wonder if this is the same guy still making the rounds..please send me a pm with details.