This guy definitely made up for the bad time with Ackley

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Ellis Shoe

4.90 star(s)
Jul 24, 2006
Ridgeland, MS
Today at the Mississippi Braves stadium, there was a luncheon hosted by Dale Murphy. Well he didnt disappoint and he wasnt lying when he said he would sign whatever we had. I got the following done by him:

Dale Murphy 11/11

Thanks for the look!!!
Dude Andrew you beat me to the punch, I was gonna say I would love to trade for one as he is top ten on my autograph want list
i'll echo those sentiments by andrew!! great job...he was always my favorite player growing up..met him once in the old astrodome when i was 11 yrs. still remember it to this day...
Congrats, I would like to trade with you on the 89' Topps Murphy... Let me know since I can seem to get a success in the mail with him.