Thread Closed ?


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Sorry to see my thread closed ....... thought the "off topic" forum was
for discussions " off topic " .
Sorry to see The Bench take this action . Hope it's not because it's felt
that the members of this site are not mature enough to discuss top news stories
of our time.
When you consider some of the "adds" that pop up here , that some might consider
of a sexual nature. I am confused . Of course they do help to pay the bills.
Sorry if anyone was offended by the now closed "off topic" thread.


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Hi Ken,

Yes, one of the MOD team closed the thread. There was concern about political views being expressed inappropriately. Not necessarily your post, but the responses that everyone knows will come afterwards.
we would like to keep the discussions lively and sports related. Above all, G-rated for our younger members. This is one of the main reasons why we try to keep this site non-political.

I understand your concern about your thread being closed, but I will stand behind my team 100% and trust that we will work thru any concerns about The Bench. I am here if you need more.