Thread Prefixes in Trade/Sell Forums


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Today I have added thread prefixes that can be used when creating a thread in the Trade/Sell forums for all sections. For now they won't be required, but I'd highly recommend using them when creating a thread in the trade/sell sections for a few reasons.

First, the thread prefixes can be clicked on, by folks browsing the forums, to bring up only a list of all the threads with those particular prefix. So, if you're only looking for threads where people are trading, for example, you click on the "WTT" prefix and it will show you only threads that have the prefix "WTT". If you're the thread starter that means when people are using the prefix links, your threads won't show up on the list if you didn't use a prefix.

Second, if we ever do decide to separate these forums, we can automatically move all the threads with the correct prefix to the correct forum. If you don't use a prefix, your thread may end up in the wrong forum.

With that being said, I'd also highly recommend that everyone go ahead and add a prefix to any currently active threads you have.

The prefixes, for folks who don't know what they mean, are as follows:

WTT - Want to trade
WTS - Want to sell
WTT/WTS - Want to trade or want to sell


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Absolutely brilliant!

As many times as I cruise the threads I have never noticed the prefix tab until reading this. I'm sure I've seen it, just never paid that close attention to it until now. I have noticed others with it on their threads but just figured they were smart and I'm an idiot.

I've already went back and added it to one of my threads and certainly will do so from now on!