To Miles "Peace" Shaq

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Did you send c/o mine o mine inc.? Seeing different successes on various sites and the more I see the less I'm liking them. Few things on each one that I see as a variation and the more I see the more I don't know...he's just never signed and trust me, I've been sending to him since the mid 90's.
Ttm, sent to mine o mine. Took almost 9 months. Kurt Rambis returned two months ago and they were sent at the same time. Still waiting for Michael Cooper. I asked each of them to personalize the wood sample to my son Miles. Maybe that helped?

I've seen alot of Shaq's signature and that doesn't look like it. I hope it is real, but then again people are thinking the ones Hank Aaron sends back c/o Atlanta Braves are real too ...