To Redeem or Not to Redeem??

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Nov 6, 2003
That is the question! I got my tax return back so I thought I would try some 2009 Ultimate collection. Of course I pull a redemption:rolleyes:

Here is what I have a chance to get.

Triple Signatures Brooks Robinson/Chipper Jones/Mike Schmidt #/5

I'm pretty sure the auto they are waiting on is Robinson because all his stuff in the Ultimate this year are redemptions.

So I guess my question is do I take the chance and redeem it or do I throw the redemption up on Ebay or do I sell it to one of my Bench Buddies?
I vote sell. None of the three are particularly tough autos. I'm not a big fan of multiple auto'ed cards with rare exception, so I might be a bit biased. They seem to sell well though.
If it was me that pulled it.....I would sell it....if it was a player that I collected Like Joe Mauer....I would redemption it. Best regards, David
If you don't plan on keeping it for your PC I would just sell it. You never know if they really will end up filling the redemption or just giving you what they deem a equal replacement.
Sell it. I am also one that doesn't care for multiple sticker autos either.
I have one with Robinson myself that I have had for 3 years and am tire-kicking on selling it on the bay the next time a discount comes around in March.