Tom Seaver wantlist...just 13 to go. HELP! thx


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Trying to fill out my Mets collection by hoping to find someone who sorts by player and may have a bunch of these (sorted alpha by brand name):

2003 FLEER Avant – b/w(x/199) 75 seaver
2011- GQ mini Red Back- 74seaver
2005 ORIGINS- 129seaver OLD JUDGE- 115seaver
1992 PACIFIC- Seaver Insert- 2 6
2004 TOPPS RETIRED SIG- 56seaver
2001 TOPPS TRIBUTE- 36 seaver
2008 TOPPS TRIPLE THREADS- (x/1350)- 134seaver
2009 TRISTAR OBAKS - 108 Seaver/Holt
2005 Upper Deck Artifacts- (x/1999)-193seaver,
2008 UD GOUDEY- Mini- Blue Bk- 119seaver
2007 UD SWEET SPOT Classics- (x/575) 147seaver

LMK if you have any...thanks