Tons Of Cardinals


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I don't post my success' very often but have gotten quite a nice haul this past week and figured I would share since I am excited about it. I decided to start a Cardinals auto collection, which I had been half-hazardly doing for the past few years. I picked up a nice vintage lot of around 100 cards a couple weeks back and started sending out. All of these came back within 2 weeks and were in my mailbox over the past 4 days. I love old timers, they are great signers. I wrote to Barney Schultz.. and in my letter I wrote "cards" instead of card since I had only put a single card in there. He obviously read my letter, because he circled "cards", wrote a note on the back and included his own card so I had "cards" when it got back to me. I would be open to trading any dupes but would only be looking for vintage Cardinal auto's in return. Enjoy!



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I've gotten Donohue, Simmons, Groat, Grammas, Sadeki, Broglio and Schofield. I will have to try Essegian and Hal R. Smith (I got Hal W. Smith, already).