Took my 4 year old daughters to their 1st pro baseball game today.


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Reds v Brewers. Both girls had a great time. Their favorite part was the fireworks and getting to see a home run. It was really cool seeing them get excited when the ball got hit. My one daughter kept cheering "Go Reds Go."
They were happy that the Red team won and the Blue team didn't. Best of all, they want to do it again!

Trader Rich

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Wonderful experience for children. I still remember taking my son and my grandson to his first ballgame at Wrigley Field.



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That's awesome. I have a 3-year old girl and a 1-year old boy. Living in Virginia, the closest to a pro team we have right now is the Flying Squirrels (the AA affiliate for the Giants). I took Haylee, my 3-year old (2 at the time), to a game a few months ago, but she wasn't quite into it. We'll give it another year or two.

Speaking of the Reds park, my wife and I spent a few days in Cincinatti a couple years ago and went to The Great American Ballpark. Nice stadium. The fireworks after a home run was pretty cool. We had a great time. What are those cheese things they sell at the park again? If I remember right, it was a hot dog bun filled with shredded cheese? I didn't get a chance to try one, and i'm kind of mad at myself for not trying it...just curious, i'm a big food guy!