Topps Call Your Shot prizes


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I haven't seen anyone else here bring it up yet, so I'll start it. Out of 29 Call Your Shot scratch-off cards, I had one winner, an auto. I wish I had made a screenshot of the list of players, but I didn't. I paid my shipping, and yesterday I received a 2013 Bowman Sterling card of Andrew Thurman, an Astros pitcher who has since been traded to Atlanta and did not make their 40-man roster. So I basically paid Topps $5 for an $8 card from a set I don't even collect.
What did Topps send you?


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Probably entered 20-25 of them and no auto's but i did see a screen to where i was entered into the grand prize giveaway. I believe all of them says some kind of drawing but this last one gave a list of all 4 things i was entered in.



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I didn't keep track of how many we entered, but I did win one of the auto/jersey cards:

2013 Finest RA-TS Tyler Skaggs Gold Refractor #/50

Luckily, I was in the batch of people who got their info deleted and Topps changed our shipping price to 25 cents. I don't even think Skaggs was listed on the batch of players I could "win". I wonder how many people are waiting for these cards from redemptions they will never get.