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I recently sent some damaged series 1 cards back to Topps, and they declined to replace them, saying that their policy is to not replace cards that would grade an 8 or better. Do they really think that cards that look like this would grade at least an 8?


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David K.

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Thats terrible! Dumb... now people are going to heard about add more dings and marks on the cards to insure there replaced! ; ) Best regards, David


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I got a redemption card for an autograph of method man 2 years ago. Since I had no desire for an auto of method man I offered it in trade on here. Someone on here informed me that he had heard that method man was not signing the autos. So I first contacted topps on 9/12/19. They finally got back to me on 10/10/19. They told me that if it was true method man was not signing they would sub another auto. The card they offered me was an Austin Riley one which at the time was a really hot player. So I was thrilled. Well it rocked along and I received no card and heard nothing from topps. I contacted them on 2/20/20 and told them I still had not received no card. They replied back the same day. They were processing the request. 3/19/20 I was told that they had shut the plant down and wouldn't be able to process my request until back in the plant. I have since instead of emails I have called them and have been told they are still not back in the plant but hoped to be shortly. So it has now been going on almost a year and half since I contacted them and still no card. The Austin Riley is probably a common by now.