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Dec 31, 2007
Has anyone request their cards be shipped yet? If so what were they and what condition did they come in. Also how long did it take to get them in. I just ordered about 30 from my account to be shipped and am just curious.

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Got mine yesturday. I didnt request UPS but they sent it that way anyway. The cards came in pennie sleeve with top loader but no tape to keep the cards in so the all slid out. They all were ok and the condition of them were great. 1 card was off set good and had a bent corner though. But my 1964koufax/maloney/drysdale NL strikeout leaders card is in great condition!
Oh and it took about 1 week
I saw someone's blog who had his cards mailed a couple weeks ago. Topps didn't tape his either and they also slid out, but he had a couple which were creased over the end of the top loader. He was quite ticked. I'll post the link with his pictures if I can find it again.
I saw a 1952 Topps Durocher High # (BV $600) at a local card shop yesterday that they received from Topps and it was in really nice shape. Would probably grade a 6.
I am hoping to get them in this week, I will report when they do. Thanks for all the responses.

i paid like 5 bucks for these
(= beckett top value)
1963 NL Strikeout Leaders Card 1964 ($15.00)
New York Mets Team Card 1970 ($30.00)
Bob Grich 1971 (rc) ($4.00)
Ken Henderson 1975 (.50)
Darrell Chaney 1975 (.50)
Dick Tidrow 1976 (.40)
Dan Ford 1978 (.25)
Charlie Moore 1979 (.20)
Al Fitzmorris 1979 (.25)

also traded my Gene Woodling 1955 ($40.00) for
Dick Groat 1955 ($15.00)
HArry Brecheen 1955 ($15.00)
and alot of cool Phillies cards
Been 3 weeks so I called Topps and was told that they are a "little" behind, my cards have not even shipped yet.
I cashed in 13 redemptions on March 30. I received one on April 22 and email that same day saying the other 12 were shipped and should arrive on April 29. No complaints.

The one card I received--a 1987 Roger Clemens--was flawless. The rest of the cards I'm getting are from the 60s and 70s. I'll be very interested to see what condition they are in.

Well, it has now been almost 6 weeks since I ordered my cards. I spoke with Topps yesterday and they told me that they have not even shipped them yet. Come to find out, they were holding the entire order up because 2 of the cards I requested they don't even have.
Week 7 and still no cards. After being promised that my cards would arrive this week, they still have not shipped them out yet. When I called today they told me that they had LOST my address. Every week it has been a different excuse. Thanks a lot TOPPS!!!!
I ordered mine and they show shipped and delivered but I never received them, i had to call topps to file a claim with them
The balance said zero once I told them what to ship. I had about 10 cards shipped don't know why they didn't charge me and I received all of the cards securely within 2 days via UPS from Delaware