Topps new Card Replacement Option

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Nov 14, 2005
Fishkill, NY
Have you heard about Topps new electronic way of replacing cards?

New York, NY (September 28, 2010) – The Topps Company, Inc., today has announced a new option to help simplify and expedite the replacement of missing cards from hobby boxes.

Beginning immediately, any customer who failed to receive a card within the stated odds printed on its respective packaging can now contact Topps Customer Service electronically for replacements, eliminating the need to mail items in.

Customers can email [email protected] and include their name and address, along with digital pictures in PDF format which must include the UPC symbol from the box with either an “X” or hole punched through the center, the wrapper from the pack with the missing card and a copy of the store receipt evidencing the purchase. Once we receive this email and confirm, we will expedite the process and ship your missing hit.

Of course you can still send the information through the mail, too.

For missing and or Damaged Cards …

Please note that the policy of the Topps Company regarding the request for missing product items for all current year products requires that the consumer include the following items with their submission:

1) A letter of explanation
2) A copy of sales receipt
3) All pack wrappers & or mini boxes from the product
4) The UPC code (bar code) from the Main box

This should be sent to:

The Topps Company, Inc.
ATTN: Consumer Relations
401 York Ave.
Duryea, PA 18642
ATTN: Consumer Relations
I have already used this new method and it worked perfectly. I broke some Topps Chrome boxes last weekend and was missing an auto in one of the boxes. I scanned all the required images into a PDF and emailed it to them on Monday. I received a confirmation later that day and I got the auto yesterday.

Kudos to Topps!

To be honest, a little suprising if this continues to work. With Topps being the only major player in the game right now, this is kind of ambitious.

Is this just regarding "hits" like GU and Autos, or is this for everything, like the Topps Chrome refractors that were 1:3 and a lot of people only got 4 out of 24 packs when they should get 8?