Topps Strata - N F L


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Topps Strata - N F L

18 packs - 6 cards per pack
"1 Clear Cut Autograph Relic, 1 Auto, and 1 Relic Card per Box!"

I received the following:

97 unique base cards (2 duplicates) - 64.6% of the base set of 150

The Strata NFL is a decent looking set. It should appeal to the mid-level collector. The high end collector may not be drawn to this issue. The cards are thick and the design is good. The cards are a hair dark. I prefer the lighter / brighter type card - such as the Topps base set(s). I do like the amount of cards received in the box - nearly 65% of the base set is good. One would probably be able to complete or at least get real close to a base set with only 2 boxes and have a number of extras to trade for the needed slots to be filled.

The reverse of the Strata card has career stats, personal stats and a write up called Strata-Spheric Stats.


Numbered Parallel to 99

Rueben Randle


Justin Blackmon #ed to 150

Die Cut



Dontari Poe #ed to 150

Clear Cut Jumbo Auto'd Relic

Robert Turbin #ed to 75


The die cut I received has a bump or two on the edges. I believe the better die cut would have been to cut the edges of the base card around the design. Having said all that, if I am going to get a die cut - RGIII is a good one to get.

Favorite card - clear cut auto and jumbo patch. What a cool looking card! For those that are old enough to remember, if this card were put on your bicycle - it would take the spokes out!!! Very thick card AND it's not a sticker auto-- Fantastic!!

This issue should be good for most collectors. If one is buying as an investment or to resell on the 'bay, one will probably be disappointed. However, the cards look good and the player collector and the set builder should both be pleased with the offering.

Overall grade A-- just a hair dark for me and change the die cuts....

Go buy several boxes and send the Tebow's to me!!



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5.00 star(s)
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Nice break and review - agree that clear cut looks extremely nice.

If possible - what can I get you for the Maclin and any other Eagles you may have pulled.