Review Topps Supreme N F L

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5.00 star(s)
Topps Supreme N F L

One pack - 4 cards

I received these cards:

Matthew Stafford

Jamaal Charles #ed to 194 - Gold
Warren Moon #ed to 99 - Violet

Auto/Quad Patch #ed to 25

Brett Hundley

Supreme NFL is really a premium issue! Each card is a sandwich card - i.e. 2 pieces glued together. They look fantastic! They are highly sensitive - conditionwize - especially if one wants to have them graded. One can easily ding one of the edges placing them in penny sleeves.

Supreme is definitely an issue for the player collector. One only receives one base card per pack. I would applaud the collector that builds this set. One will really need to be on the web looking for the base cards.... I don't know the number of cards in the base set - hazarding a guess - I would say 100.

The auto I received is a sticker. The card is well designed for the sticker, but still a sticker.... (looking on the 'bay, there are others that are signed on card...)

Overall grade A++ great looking card!

Go buy several packs to see if you can pull your favorite player!