"TRADE MANAGER" now running


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Fellow members,

For the last 2 years everyone has grown familiar with this section. Well thanks to Mark, we now have an automated system in place. This will make it easier for everyone to list and review trades and BP's will be awarded on a daily basis (no need to wait for them).

For more information check out:


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So what happens

to the ones I've completed that are on here? And the pending trades that are here? Do they need to get put somewhere else? If I'm just an idiot not to extract that info from your post, I appologize. I just would like my points for the half-dozen or so trades that I've done but not been "pointed" for. And I don't want the pending ones to "disappear." :D

Mark Wing

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We will finish out all trades that are posted in this section. This includes awarding Bench Points. Eventually, we will not allow new posts here.

One of the complaints we have had in the past is the trades are not always closed out on a timely basis. This is because doing the work is labor intensive and it can be difficult to make the time. This new system automates everything we do behind the scenes, thus eliminating a lot of the manual labor we have to do AND update points on the daily basis.



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Mark rocks!

I just want to say THANK YOU! This is so much easier to do than post and search. Now that I can track my trades from the control panel, I have no excuse for being tardy on my replies. I just made a few trades and the other guys were nice enough to post them for me. Steve (Hoosierbuddy) mentioned the new system to me, and it was so simple to figure out. I was able to confirm three trades in seconds! Kudos to Mark.