Trade Night - July 13, 2021


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Hey everyone, after our last trade night, which we thought was pretty darn successful, we've decided to make it a monthly thing.

For July, we're going to do it on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. This is the same night as the MLB All-Star game, so I'm sure there will be plenty of chat about that as well. It should be a blast! We'll kick things off at 9pm EST, but there will be some who get in there early. For those who are new to the site, or don't already know, the trade night will take place in our chat room.

We'll use this thread as a staging area for people to post what they'll be looking for on trade night, that way members can start digging it up and have it ready to go that night. I, of course, will be looking for any Tony Parker cards I don't have and/or any graded Vince Carter rookies I don't have.

So, again, mark your calendars and set your reminders for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 9pm EST. Hope to see you all there!


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In addition to Vince Carter and Tony Parker graded rookies, I'll also be looking to finally complete my 2020 Allen and Ginter set. Here's a list of the last seven cards I need to finish it:

#17 Ken Griffey Jr.
#86 Anthony Rizzo
#238 Gerrit Cole
#291 Sonny Gray
#315 Juan Gonzalez SP
#323 Bernie Williams SP
#326 Monte Irvin SP


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To no surprise whatsoever our first playoff game is Tuesday night - and it is away. Will try to get back and catch as much of trade night as I can.


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Alright, since it's tomorrow night, Here's what I'm looking for. I doubt anyone will have it haha.

SIGNED cards from...
1972 Topps
1982-1991 Donruss Diamond Kings
2003-2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites
2013 Topps Archives #1-50
2013 Topps '72 Minis
2021 Topps Heritage

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites
Heisman Winners on Index Cards

2001-02 Topps/OPC Archives
2002-03 Fleer Throwbacks
2002-03 Topps Total
2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Class
2006-07 Upper Deck Rookie Class

1989 Maxx Crisco
2004 Press Pass Trackside Hot Pass National Promos

1987-88 Pacific MISL
1988-89 Pacific MISL
1989-90 Pacific MISL
1990-91 Pacific MISL
1991-92 Pacific MISL
1992-93 Pacific NPSL

Other stuff...
Non-autographed items of Cory Snyder (mostly short-printed and oddball stuff left at this point)
Non-autographed 1972 Topps high-numbers (lower condition is fine so I can save some money haha)
Jersey letter cards (I'd like to be able to spell out my family's full last name circa 1850; so I'll need AAEEIILLOPPRTT)


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Hi. looking for these two cards to finish my set. i have all sports to trade. Larry

2019-20 PANINI HOOPS PREMIUM STOCK # 21. # 230


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Great to see some folks throwing their wants out there prior to trade night tomorrow.

As always, looking for Kirby Puckett stuff and vintage that I need (lots of 69/70/71/72)