Trading for Yankees, Red Sox, Braves and Cubs


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After buying several boxes of 19 Topps Heritage, Panini Prizm and Topps Chrome, I have sorted the rest (mostly commons, minor stars and parallels) into team sets. I have the following teams available with amount. Looking to trade for similar amount of cards of Yankees, Red Sox, Braves and Cubs. Will trade all in one lot as well to save on shipping. Alot of duplicates included. thx Jim
Angels (17 cards)
Indians (16)
Tigers (13)
Orioles (22)
Blue Jays (23
A's (21)
White Sox (15)
Rangers (15)
Royals (6)
Mariners (16)
Pirates (21)
Mets (15)
Reds (20)
Phillies (14)
Giants (18)
Rockies (11)
Padres (12)
Diamondbacks (22)