Trouble with trade, no response from trader. What to do?


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I joined this site last month and have a trade that I guess isn't going to be completed. I don't know if I "report" the other member or what. Here's the story.... I made a trade with someone (not gonna name names) and we sent about the same time. Mine got to him on 12-30. His he said got to me on 12-27, and to check the tracking number, it does in fact show it being delivered on that date. When I looked a little closer though, it as delivered to an address in my town but a different zip. I contacted other member about that and to get a description of the package for the USPS. He told me about the package and said he could give me any more info I might need the following day. So, I spoke to USPS and they asked for my address which does not match the one on the package that is linked to the tracking number. They can't tell me what the address is, unless I can tell them first and then they confirm. All they could for sure tell me is that it was to the 80917 zip code, which I could see in the tracking, and it's not like it was an error of just putting the zp wrong on the package... the guy told me the address it was shipped to in no way resembles my address. I contacted other member trying to get info about this package, the post office said they could look into it and talk to the resident at the address if I could just tell them the address it went to. I tried getting a response from member to no avail, and even offered my phone number if he wanted to call or text me. No response at all. I've even messaged asking if there's some reason for the ignoring of the issue. This person was very responsive in our chats before and even after the trade, and I can see that they log on almost every single day. He seems to be on the up and up as far as his trading status and stuff, and this wasn't even a big trade as far as BV goes. Less than $20 probably. I went to my local shop to buy a few of the cards from his wantlist because I was excited to get one of my first trades done. It's a bummer that now I have to ask what I should do. I mean, I know I'm not gonna get compensated of course, I sent to a stranger knowing the risks involved. I get that. I just hate that it might come to having to call someone out over it, but I don't want someone else to join the site and get screwed over on here. All my other interactions here have been excellent! Anyway, please advise. Thanks.