TTM success from Korea


Hi all, it's been a while. I've been out of the hobby for some time now but every now and then long lost ones find their way home. I came back from vacation yesterday and found a nice surprise waiting for me. I thought I'd share. Sun-Woo Kim signed a card for me, it took almost 2 years, sent it to him c/o The Doosan Bears (Korean League).

Also finding its way home was a signed card from Ron Hassey. That one took 4-and-a-half years and I don't remember if it was a home address or something else. Fun fact on Hassey as many of you probably know, he's the only catcher in Major League history to catch two perfect games (Len Barker in '81 and Dennis Martinez in '91)



That is very cool! Way to go! I love it when the long lost successes return home.