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Is it me or are there more and more threads and posts that don't get answered? I must have posted to ten plus threads last weekend and
never received a reply to any. This is nothing new. It has been the
norm for weeks. We need to do something about this problem. I
answer every post to my threads. Why can't that be the norm for
all traders?
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There is nothing that can be done. You move on. I don't always respond to everything, both as the original poster and as someone responding to another persons post.

One reason why I might not respond back to my own thread is that it's been dormant for long enough and I delete my subscription, thinking nobody will respond.

I also don't always respond back to all offers. For example, if I ask about a card that is not priced and the person provides a price. I will either buy it, let them know I pass or just move on. I don't feel the need to specifically reject every price quoted to me. I hope my non-responsiveness is assumed to be a "pass" as well and that people are not hanging on my every post, waiting for a solid answer.

David K.

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I'm guilty of this! I forget or if its been a few days it slips my mind..... Most of the time.....I get a few PM's asking me if I still wanted to trade with them. I'm sorry..I don't have a valid excuse! I can only promise to do better job the next time. Best regards, David


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I personally am pretty specific when responding or posting. If I say (or someone else says) "I have card XX for trade - let me know if interested", it implies to me that no response is needed if you're not interested. But if I say "... let me know either way", then I would expect a response.

That said, I wholeheartedly agree with Gene's frustrations regarding recent trading on the board. And I do agree that deleting subscriptions to old threads is certainly one reason I would fail to respond. I also might not respond if I am very clear in my post about what I want and traders either post something not listed or respond with "cmb" or any of the other assorted reasons that have been brought up again and again.

Unfortunately, I don't see it changing any time soon, so I don't let it bother me as much as it used too. Just makes me appreciate traders like Gene more and more.