Updated 1993 Hostess Cards and 1992 Topps McDonalds free with sase

easy mike

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I have a few of these if someone needs a few to finish the set or if someone might want them all.
just send a sase and that will work.
#S 1 x2 -- - 4 x2--7--9 x2--12 x2--14 x2--15--16--20--24---30--31--32 x2

Also have these 1992 Topps McDonalds limited Edition Baseball's Best
1 Fielder 2 Santiago 12 Bonds 16 Avery 21 Larkin 27 Franco 28 Justice 32 Gooden 35 Knoblauch
39 Klesko 41 Rodriguez

Just reply to the thread for fast transaction.
, just trying to find a home for them.
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