Using Paypal to ship even if you didn't receive a paypal payment


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Hi Anyone can do it....
1) Log in to paypal
2) Click on the merchant tools link
3) Under Shipping & Tax click on
Multi-Order shipping
It should automatically open the paypal multi-order page and bring up a getting started window.
4) click on "create"
5) a)If you have an order or transaction number you can put it in order detail.
b)Under shipping details you set up the postage...usually it's 2 ounces...I have presets 2 to 5 ounces and the sneaky one Priority flat rate envelope which will only cost you $4.60 for a priority even if you send it in a flat rate box...but you have to use the flat rate boxes that are free at the post office.
c) ship to this address -- fill in the information
d) shipped from this address -- duh
e)Personal Message to Recipient

6)You can save and create as many as you have to send...once you enter the last one click save and close. Be sure to set postage each time even if you are using a saved setting.
Hope this helps
Thanks Bob