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USPS Cookie Monster Gets me Again..


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Got this one in todays mail.. Just an envelope with nothing in it..

This is why you have to write NON-Machinable on letters.. I learned my lesson once before.. When you use the two-stamp method.
And yet they still had the *stuff* to still send it to me.. It takes some nerve.. At least *fake-ly* lose the package.. So I don't have to rant about it.. This makes 4 packages in 3 weeks where either USPS has lost it, destroyed it, or ate it like this one.
Here's my slogan for the week for USPS

Thanks for the empty white chewed envelope USPS People(s).. It's a nice addition to my collection



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dont have someone try to save 20 cents and use a bubble mailer.....OR tape the edges so it wont tear...but best use a bubble mailer i mean u pent 88 cents already whats another 30 to get to ya....but its just like someone sending a fram picture in the thinest paper and a string saying fragile on it....UM hello why not some thick carboard or wood??? save a few bucks and roll the dice or just make sure it gets there in one piece....id say lesson learned....


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It costs .20 more to send non-machinable I was told by my post office but I sometimes forget to write it on the envelope so I guess that defeats the purpose...lol.

David K.

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Ouch! I wonder what happened to the card? Had this happen with one of my trades.....luckly the guy placed it in a top loader with my bird label on it and I got the card the next day in a plastic bag from the Post Office. Best regards, David