Vintage 1973 Sports Illustrated All-Time All-Star Baseball board game FS

chief wahoo

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I played the heck out of this game when I was a teenager. My adult sons aren't as fanatic about baseball as I am, so I'm ready to let these go. I have the 16 all-time all-star team franchise game sheets along with the rules/special situations booklet.

Team franchise game sheets included:
Oak/KC/Phi A's
Bos/Milw/Atl Braves
St Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs
Brooklyln/LA Dodgers
NY/SF Giants
Cleveland Indians
Balt Orioles/StL Browns
Phila Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
Boston Red Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Detroit Tigers
Minn Twins/Wash Senators
Chicago White Sox
NY Yankees

What's not included: the box, plastic diamond and pieces, blank scoresheets. I have 2 of the 3 special dice needed (although it would be easy to convert a regular die). Here's a link to what the full game looks like: Illustrated BASEBALL Game with ATAS charts.html

Complete pre-owned copies have sold for $200+ on eBay. I'm looking to sell the team sheets and rules booklet for $100 delivered.